Day 15~ September 15th~ Tuscany

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the seen and the unseen

How often does it happen to you that you are in museum looking at art and you notice people going first to the little cards or papers that hold a description about the art and reading it before even looking at what it describes? By doing that, don’t we prejudge an artwork and fill ourselves with another person’s impression and facts that end up closing us to the natural way of being with something? Aren’t there two parts of us (at least) that can register new impressions? Don’t we register things consciously with our senses while another unseen part of us takes it in in a whole other manner that we cannot consciously comprehend? Wouldn’t it be better to give ourselves the chance first to detect art before filling our heads with information?

photo~ The beautiful Andrea in a long exposure on the bank of the Arno river in Pisa

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  1. Oh, Mimo! This is a wonderful image. And your words are so true. I almost never read the descriptions (they’re often too difficult for me to read) so I find it interesting to compare visions of the art we saw with whomever I’m with who did read them. My interpretation is often wrong, but my enjoyment is sometimes greater.

  2. Went to Pisa for my honeymoon a few years back, somewhere I need to visit again, great photo

  3. When i lived in the cities i used to love to just sit with the artworks, i desperately wished to be able to drag in my own comfy armchair and tow it from painting to painting. Gorgeous long shot.. c

  4. What an interesting observation! I never paid much attention, but you are right; that is what most people do in museums.

  5. After all, instead of them telling you, artists want to know what you think! Love this pic!

  6. Yes you are right and I have to stop myself from doing that!

  7. Wow an amazing picture and I agree with the write up too

  8. I’ve noticed this as well.

  9. SO TRUE!

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