Day 12~ September 12th~ Tuscany

santa maria novella~ old pharmacy

So much of the charm of old Europe comes from its layers upon layers of history and the value they place on preserving tradition. Walking into the exquisitely charming rooms of this beautiful pharmacy in Florence, my heart skipped a beat. Knowing that it was first built by the Dominican friars of the 16th century and that it served since then the very same purpose while retaining its beauty and authenticity is just heart warming. It spoke to me of value for the old and a great appreciation of beauty and of good taste, things that are otherwise being quickly lost to commercial materialism in the rest of the world.
It was recommended by a friend (thank you Paola), and likewise I recommend it back to you: if you are in Florence, try not to miss it!

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  1. How wonderful! I hope someday to be able to visit this place. I sometimes think we miss that sense of history here in the U.S. Not that we don’t have any, but it’s not nearly as old.

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    So beautiful. Makes you wanderlust c:

  3. fantastic use of DOF Mimo..

  4. Just another of the beauty, tastes, and charm of Tuscany! …. PS … Hope you attend my party this weekend.

  5. I remember seeing an old pharmacy in Florence with its wonderful shapes and colors. Maybe the contents of the bottles even had some medicinal benefits…

  6. Really loving the warm tones in these images lately. It really is wonderful how the tones add such a strong sense of place.

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