Day9~ September 9th~ Tuscany

keeping the peace

We live in a world where some of us need to be trained to protect the rest from each other. They are armed with weapons that could take away life or seriously injure any of us who decides to cause harm, take away another’s belongings, or threaten the peace by seriously misbehaving. It is almost like guardians in a playground for grown ups who cannot be trusted to remain civil. At what point did humans lose trust and became a danger to themselves and to each other?

5 thoughts on “Day9~ September 9th~ Tuscany

  1. Maybe if we had a fairer and more equitable world with less poverty, more love and peace we wouldn’t need them?
    Or maybe they are used as a form of state control? Increasingly so in many countries I think.


  2. This happened when we all moved to big cities and started to fight to make a living, insted of hunting and growing the food. Luckily I live in one of quiet corners of the world, there are still a few.


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