Day 24~ August 24th~ Boracay

sailing upstream

River salmon has a very strange life pattern. It hatches upstream, swims downstream towards the ocean, matures downstream and then swims back upstream against all odds and strong currents, struggling and even jumping up waterfalls to make it back to the place where its life originated and eventually die there. I wonder if that’s the amount of superhuman effort needed for us to live our lives as they were meant to be lived, against all what tries to drag us downstream towards the oceans of mediocracy. To live a life aligned to human purpose would mean going against so much in order to escape being  just another one amongst the lost.

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  1. Very beautiful and unusual image, Mimo – I like that very much! Adrian

  2. Watching the salmon swim upstream was one of the highlights of our trip to Alaska.

  3. Superbe !!! Quelles magnifiques couleurs !

  4. What paradise! I am loving seeing the world through your lens

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