Day 22~ August 22nd~ Boracay

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a show of force

All we need is to stand on a seashore watching a storm brew over the ocean to realize that when it comes to the distribution of force, nature has the upper hand. We could be shaken, blown away, flooded, drowned, or dehydrated at any moment with minimal effort on the planet’s part. And I do wonder seeing how we abuse its resources without regard, when it might just be too much for our blue planet and it decides to flick us away or smash us as we would a blood sucking mosquito. Wouldn’t you if you were a planet?

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  1. Beautiful picture and good thoughts, Mimo >>> and being an ex-geologist I have a good feel for just what Earth / Nature can throw at us if it has a mind too – totally vast and uncontrollable force! Adrian

    • Adrian I am also an ex-geologist 🙂 I never practiced but that was my first college degree. Thank you for your comment

      • Oh that’s interesting, Mimo – doesn’t geology give a different perspective on things – landscape, our planet and so on? I was an enthusiastic geological collector – rocks, minerals, fossils – from my early boyhood on, and although other things have replaced those early interests, I’ve never lost sight of them – which is something I’m grateful for. A

  2. Fabulous photo, and great commentary. thanks for the inspiration this morning. Beth

  3. Inspiring, glorious photography!! I know you are busy, do as you wish, I nominated you for one of those pesky awards, of which you are most deserving…

  4. Moinsen !

    A really GREAT shot and I like the colors !

    T H U M B S _ U P ! ! !

    Greetz, from Germany – yours lichtbildwerfer

  5. oh I agree completely. i call it the Shrug. i say that one day the earth will just apply the brakes, shrug just the slightest bit, we will all be hurled into the vortex, then it will reapply its gears and spin on, sighing with relief and glad to have THAT little experiment over with! amazing shot.. c

  6. I nominated you here:
    Hope, you have fun! Thank you for sharing your works!

    Regrads Susanne

  7. and scary, ironically, to think that a bloodsucking mosquito is one of nature’s most dangerous forces!

  8. It is so AWESOME how overpowering that sky is. Great work. Cool nature expressionism.

  9. Today we are watching this photo alive, due to the tropical storm approaching Miami. Thanks for sharing.

  10. This is a wonderful photo ! Really strong and frightening as the same time.

  11. What a beautiful sight ! Just enlightened my day, thank you !

  12. I love Boracay! 😀 Great shot!

  13. Yes indeed Mimo.. if all human beings disappeared from this planet I wonder how long it would take the earth to recover?

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