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Day 18~ August 18th~ Boracay


Innocence is an essence that always rises in our contemplation of the truth of small children. The word ‘innocence’ is usually defined by and associated with lack of guilt or  simplicity due to the absence of worldly knowledge and sophistication. But while looking at a child, is that really what makes them radiate innocence? Or is it perhaps their connection to that which is clean pure and in itself innocent. Could it be that one day as they grow older they are forced to disconnect and replace that innocence with more worldly qualities like trickery and games that can attach themselves to guilt and what is defined as sophistication? And I wonder if it not natural to keep this innocence that makes them closer to what a human is meant to be like…

By ~mimo~

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It is that childlike sense of wonder that I believe is still in all of us. I know I still have it as do you Mimo because we never let it go. Some people do not know where to look to find it but they just have to open their eyes to the beauty that is in the natural world..

Wow. I think you’re dead right. On the spot. Beautiful mentation on your part, Mimo. And you’ve possibly answered the next question “Can we, who lost it, rebuild our connection to that innocence?” by posting those heart-melting pictures of old people. So what is Innocence unto itself? As you said, it’s not lack of intelligence (quite the opposite), and it does not relate to IQ in any way whatsoever. So what is it really? You say it’s clean and pure and connected to something greater. And I think trust and surrender is in there too. What else? I would love to get into a research about it with you and whosoever else is moved and happy by the fact of Innocence being in this world. :))
By the way, did you see Mimo Khair Photography is reaching 1000 likes on Facebook? Well done!

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