Day 16~ August 16th~ Boracay

wave rider

I grew up near the sea and spent almost 5 months of every year swimming, waterskiing, windsurfing or snorkeling in its waters; but when it came to big waves, I was always facing them with a bit of terror that I tried so hard to hide. I am therefore always amazed at the courage of people who willingly challenge the imposing waves and use them as a playground. Surfers have a way about them that screams out defiance or perhaps it is fear itself they are trying to conquer.

photo taken: surfer boy on Boracay~ Philippines


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  1. Different and excellent portrait, Mimo, full of character! Adrian

  2. I have no desire to take on the powerful sea !.. swimming and ssorkelling in relatively calm waters suits me !

  3. I love these photos with the diagonal angle, Mimo – they have so much dramatic impact and highlight that great expression that you have a gift for capturing.

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