Day 15~ August 15th~ Boracay

the white playground

Imagine if you will a place where children can grow fully supported to become who they were meant to be, a place where competition and the fear of failure do not hinder their growth, where only encouragement and guidance hold their hands. Can you picture a place designed only to further their growth, where helpers artfully help without counting the cost, and where the only unifying glue is human purpose and the wish for a better future…

Sounds too ideal? Maybe it can be, and maybe it was always meant to be.

photo taken: boy playing in the waves on a beach in Boracay

2 thoughts on “Day 15~ August 15th~ Boracay

  1. Suc a beautiful clever photograph Mimo… and I agree wholeheartedly with your comments.. We need to teach compassion for others as the most important thing to learn

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