Day 12~ August 12th~ Boracay

Dusk on the island shore

A very strange phenomenon I have encountered repeatedly is with the fear islanders have of the sea or it might be a great awe of the mysterious waters. I keep finding out that locals that live near the sea or ocean never really go into it with the exception of fishermen and sailors. Even in Lebanon, my grandmother who lived all her life 15 minutes away from the shore of the mediterranean, had never set foot in its waters before she passed away. It is also said that the fishermen of the Isle of Aran near the Irish coast, never learn how to swim as they claim it would be much better to die faster by drowning in case they ever fall from their boats.

photo taken: local fishermen on the shores of Boracay~ Philippines

11 thoughts on “Day 12~ August 12th~ Boracay

  1. Stunning picture. I grew up next to the sea and I was always in it but I even from a young age I had a very healthy respect for the potential danger. Watching the sea pound the shore during a storm teaches you that. In fact often it is the flat sea that can be the most dangerous, the strong currents that can carry you away.


  2. Fantastic image. Would look great printed on metallic paper. Brilliant colors. I love the richness and depth of the image. Curious ideas about the sea.


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