Day 7~ August 7th~ Boracay

yellow and blue

Sometimes it takes being in a far away place and simply gazing across a horizon to appreciate something so simple such as color. Color surrounds us and permeates our lives on this rich planet and a realization as obvious as blue and yellow making green can be so profound.

14 thoughts on “Day 7~ August 7th~ Boracay

  1. Hi Mimo. Love your pictures! I’ve been writing short stories and a couple of novels for some years. As Borges said: “I write for myself, for my friends and to soften the passing of time”. Your “yellow and blue” picture would be perfect for a short story called “velero”. Sailboat. I write mostly in Spanish I’m afraid! Would you accept the idea of my using this picture? with all due credit of course! If you do, I could send you the story… (Either you speak Spanish or you can find someone to read it out to you.) Three pages long. Quick! 🙂
    Let me know.
    Take care

    1. Hi, Yes, of course you may use it. Thanks for asking first. Will this be for a blogged online story? If yes, then please use the link back to the blog or the flickr page that has the photo. I would love to see the story as well. I am sure I will get it translated somehow.
      🙂 Mimo

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