Day 9~ July 9th~ Vietnam

part of the whole

As I sit on a balcony on a hill in a European island thinking back on my time in Vietnam and my brief peek into the culture of Hanoi, I cannot not think of the stark differences between the cultures of this remarkable planet we live on. As different as a Vietnamese is from a Corsican, they are part of the human race that is equality accepted and sustained by the planetary ecology. We humans all parts of a whole, each unique, yet connected with invisible lines that form the web of our humanity.

Still on a trip till August 17th with very little time on the internet. Thank you for your patience with me till I get back to a routine where I can comment on your work regularly.

photo taken: Vietnamese woman organizing the new year ornaments on a street stall~ Hanoi

4 thoughts on “Day 9~ July 9th~ Vietnam

  1. WE are all one human race Mimo but unfotunately we are not looking after the planet that sustains us…and please don’t apologise for being on a trip unless it is to apologise for making us envious 😉


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