Day 24~ June 24th~ Xinjiang

questioning eyes

What is it that really looks out of the eyes of children? Do we know what we are dismissing when tell a child to just run along as they ask us some difficult questions? What is asking those questions? Aren’t children carrying the beacon of the future? If we dismiss them, aren’t we gambling with the future? They see how big we are, how seemingly more knowledgable we appear, how much more experience we have and they assume that we have the answers. Then we go on to avoid the answers, give wrong ones or simply send them away rejected and with that breaking that line of trust they were willing to extend to us. Wouldn’t it be much better to admit that we don’t know either and to work it out together with the young humans? I wonder…

photo taken: little girl in the mountain village of Tashkurgan~ Xinjiang

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  1. Wonderful portrait, Mimo! Adrian

  2. It is indeed so important thing to remember when meeting a child! This is a very moving picture, it conveys a whole universe through the light of those eyes… great Mimo, thank you!

  3. This is beautiful and definitely thought-provoking!

  4. This is a great picture — the eyes, the dirty cheeks, that hat! Love it.

  5. Agreed…children look up to us not only because we are taller than them, but for guidance so as adults it is our duty to set a good example for children.

  6. Adorable portrait and your words are so true.

  7. Très belle photo … pleine d’expression

  8. Oh my gosh, those eyes! Oh yes, children could teach us a thing or two.

  9. Mimo, the girl is very cute! Image is impressive and your words very deep … you say very true.
    I wish you happy life wherever you are! 🙂

  10. I agree completely Mimo.. children know much more than us I think.. how to trust, love and imagine and be free

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