Day 21~ June 21st~ Xinjiang

The little Uyghur lady~Kashgar

More than two thirds of the old city of Kashgar has been demolished and the rest doomed to follow shortly…

I met this girl in one of the narrow alleys of what is left of the old city as she stood framed by her old family door. Old decorated wooden doors are considered a family treasure among the inhabitants of Kashgar and the carry with them a richness of symbology and lore. A half open door for example is an indication that the master of the house is at home and male visitors may call in. I head while in Kashgar that when the homes are getting demolished, the families, unhinge their doors and take them with them to their assigned new homes, because these doors are holders of their family traditions that they are so afraid of losing.

13 thoughts on “Day 21~ June 21st~ Xinjiang

  1. She is gorgeous. I love how your photos manage to capture the faces and atmosphere so well. This picture makes me want to visit so much. Thank you for sharing them.


  2. Powerful image, both in the appeal of this beautiful child and the universal symbolism of a door half open. And the richness of the color and texture – this is an iconic image, Mimo. What a gift you have!


  3. The girl is so beautiful! Her warm smile and sincere love him. Thank you so much for your sharing with us about other peoples lives.
    I wish you a wonderful day, Mimo! 🙂


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