Day 18~ June 18th~ Xinjiang

the eyes of the alley

Houses were built so that we may hide behind their windows and doors…

The old city of Kashgar is a maze of old narrow alleys, meandering around and around, some leading to the city center, others ending with stone walls that bar your entry. I was told that the cobble stones in the alley are shaped in code, letting you know what kind of alley it is. Square stones lead you to a dead end, while hexagonal ones will merge into another alley. The old city is filled with old codes, with mystery, with agreed to signs that only the inhabitants know of. And when you walk down those alleys, there is no knowing what eyes are watching you from behind the old Kashgar doors.

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  1. This is a brilliant shot, captured at the exact right moment! superb job 🙂

  2. Yet another great post and image.

  3. This is an inspired shot ~mimo~!

  4. Perfect pic for the story of secret codes. 🙂

  5. brilliant… I am envious of your skill Mimo

  6. The photograph is mysterious and alluring. Your prose is very well written; a standout job!

  7. Great shot Mimo…
    As always, a great subject and faultless technique…Knockout!

  8. Madame Zen photography, less is more!!! Cheers Nonoy Manga

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