Day 17~ June 17th~ Xinjiang

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the little questioning eyes

In the streets of old Kashgar I met so many children, playful, joyful, running here and there, but not this little boy. I had some candy in my pocket that I offered him and he just stood there looking at me then down at his shoes, then at me again until he summoned the courage to extend his had for the sweet candy only to drop his eyes back again to his feet. He looked so innocent and fragile with his borrowed woman’s shoe that I almost reached out to hug him… but I did not. He walked slowly away down the alley to found the door to his house and disappear into it.

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  1. Ohhhh what an expression Mimo.. heartbreaking. beutifully captured and monochrome suits the sadness

  2. I love hiiiiiiiiim, SO cute! 🙂

  3. What a darling! Wish he didn’t look so sad 🙁

  4. I too felt like hugging him, but can understand why you did not. His expression has some fear mixed in. Poor little guy.

  5. And if we only knew what he was thinking. Great picture Mino!

  6. Lovely shot and beautifully described.

  7. extremely the boy wants to acquaintaced with you but you didnt know how to? you should be hug him to make his feeling more joy with you lol

  8. Beautifully captured Mimo… the description and the photograph made me go through the moment when this was captured!!!

  9. A classic street photography, a cute kid with an over size sandals. Cheers Nonoy Manga

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