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Day 10~ June 10th~ Xinjiang

closer to the heavens

They say when something is far from your eyes it is also far from your heart and mind…

I wonder about our lives in this century so often and how much of our lives are spent in boxes both inside our minds and inside our homes. All we have to do to be awed by nature is to see nature, and to feel the magnificence of the planet we call home. I have found that the most religious people I have ever met are those who choose to be close to the earth and to the sky, who choose the simple life instead of the complicated and who find their god in the open skies and in the tiniest of flowers. It is such a pity that most of us these days see our flowers on ipad and computer screens and how little chance we have to experience life with all of our senses.

photo taken: a couple of shepherds in the grasslands of Tashkurgan near the Pakistani border~ Xinjiang.

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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Good, dramatic picture, Mimo – and I’m right in there with you with regard to the simple life, and to finding “god” at first hand in natural things – photography is brilliant, but nothing beats getting out and seeing nature in the raw! Adrian

Been meaning to catch up on all the recent photos you’ve posted on here! I especially love this one! Being closer to nature is a wonderful feeling and I think this photo really captures this. πŸ™‚

Dear Mimo

this picture is awesome, we are so small in the light of creation’s beauty. I wished I could have this picture very big on the wall of my office to look at and muse as I wonder about life

Thank you for sharing it, for catching this moment.

“how much of our lives are spent in boxes both inside our minds and inside our homes.” Regrettably true, Mimo, and the box inside our minds is sometimes the hardest to leave. If one can just step outside for a moment, all of that can dissolve in contemplation of the infinite variety and beauty around us, no matter where we are. Thank you for a beautiful post and a gentle reminder. πŸ™‚

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An old Adirondack guide would stop all activity just to sit and watch a breeze make the leaves of a poplar tree dance. His clients didn’t like it much – – – but he did. They never understood the man or the woods. Nice photo Mimo. I looked at it and looked at it and new things kept popping out and into my mind.

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