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Day 6~ June 6th~ Xinjiang

at the teahouse

In the old city of Kashgar is a charming teahouse. When you enter into it you feel as though you activated a time travel machine. The tea is prepared in a most traditional way with water boiled in large pots over burning fires, the spices used in the tea and the amount of sugar mixed into it are all adherent to old surviving customs. The patrons of the teahouse are some of the most colorful collection of men I have every met. They seem to have a unity that binds them in their togetherness and a feeling of calm and well being resides in the old teahouse.

This place was used as the background for filming the movie ‘kite runner‘. It is a must see for any traveler to Kashgar and I do hope it outlives the ongoing demolition of the city.

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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This brings back wonderful memories of my childhood and chai shops in both northern part of Pakistan as well as vacationing in Afghanistan! Thank you.

Amazing! For so long I thought it was normal – that everyone vacationed in Afghanistan and Iran and got to see some of the highest mountains in the world before they turned one. 🙂

Another wonderful image. So far these shots of Kashgar really give the impression that the people there are incredibly engaging. How wonderful. Looks like a great place to visit just for the people. What a great tribute you’ve got going for them.

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