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Day 5~ June 5th~ Xinjiang

the little man and the wheel

As beautiful as the old city of Kashgar is, it is also heartbreaking to visit. The charming old architecture is being demolished systematically by the authorities section by section for the last few years. The reason given: a possible danger from earthquakes the real reason, I leave for you to research. The locals are horrified as they are moved family by family outside the city and in place of their neighborhoods, malls, plazas, and fancy holiday housing is being planned and erected. Every year less and less of this historical city is left to admire and its traditions diluted slowly into the new characterless architecture. Yes, it is most definitely painful to see and to know about.

photo taken: a little family in front of a neighborhood condemned to be demolished in the old city of Kashgar

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Excellent gritty shot, I love the way everything points towards the boy in the middle, the vignette and the direction of the patterns in the brick and stone. It’s a shame that these people are being evicted because of the greed of other. Capitalism marches on, unfortunately at the cost of a lack of compassion and consideration for those less fortunate.

Mimo, a very singular pic. I really don’t know how to characterize it. Upon first glance, it looked like a pencil sketch. The shot really captures the perspective (distant view) of the objects contained within. (thumbs up!)

I have heard about this. Whole communities being displaced under false pretenses as the greed that defines this new capitalism sweeps China. Apart from the human tragedy which is unforgiveable, to have so little regard for the architecture and history that defines these areas is so sad and once gone, can never be recovered. Thank you for posting Mimo.

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