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Day 3~ June 3rd~ Xinjiang

at the barbershop~ Kashgar

To see a culture soaked in tradition, to walk the old streets and be filled with awe, to feel welcome at every corner, to get invited into homes of strangers and to be presented with their finest bread, nuts and sweets, to be amazed by exotic ways of life and to be deeply saddened by the fact that it is all going to disappear so soon…

photo taken: one of the many local barbers who serve their customers in the streets of the old city in Kashgar

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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Great post, Mimo! Yes I’ve been offered muslim hospitality in wild places – in places where the offer of hospitality could be the difference between survival or not, and that has left a strong impression with me.

And this is a very good picture. The subjects are very strong, the colours are bright and wonderful, and taking it off kilter is just perfect – great portraits! Adrian

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