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Day 30~ May 30th~ Cambodia


As I come close to the end of the month’s posts about Cambodia, I realize that my thoughts and contemplations throughout this process have been with children, the future, and next steps towards a better world. What would it take to make this world a place safe enough and healthy enough for the children of the world? Who has the answers? What can each one of us do to ensure the unlocking of our children’s best potential? … and so many more questions…

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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This picture really moves me, what future is awaiting this little boy, or many other children of this world.
What vision is awaiting them? What can we do to make it possible for all not born yet.

Thanks for your journey.

very evocative Mimo.. the lock and wire fence next to his face.. Personally I support a community in Africa towards more self sufficiency, better water, education etc by sponsoring a child monthly.. it is only a little but it is better than nothing..

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