Day 25~ May 25th~ Cambodia

cambodian charm

After leaving Cambodia, it was not the magnificent temples that haunted my memories, nor the beautiful beaches, it was not the delicious food either, it was the people. The people of Cambodia are warm, friendly, hospitable, and radiating with charm.

photo taken: boy at CCPP in Sihanoukville, where the children can just melt your heart.

12 thoughts on “Day 25~ May 25th~ Cambodia

  1. Hey Mimo…I’ve so enjoyed this series…Mrs SHPics and I are going back to Cambodia this winter..
    There is an orphanage/school called Harmony farm in Beng Melea that we have visited on previous trips and will no doubt go to again this time…
    Hopefully your photos will encourage other to seek out NGO’s and similar organisations that are doing so much to help the cambodian children.


    1. Stuart, have a wonderful trip there when you go. It is a place I always wish to go back to and hopefully I will too. I so look forward to the images you will bring back 🙂


  2. Buildings and objects are impressive, but it’s people that foster connections. It goes to show that souls matter. I am loving your portraits from Cambodia. They are beautiful.


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