Day 22~ May 22nd~ Cambodia

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the little painter

I must apologize for the delay in posting as I attended a most inspiring event in Denmark for the last week about a template of peace for world youth. I will be posting the past due entries back to back in the next few days to catch up with that as well as with comments

Thank you so much for continuing to comment and view the blog during my intermittent presence.

photo: a little girl in Sihanoukville who is attending the program of the CCPP (Cambodian children’s painting project). I watched her for days as she painted so elegantly and with so much quiet concentration. It was a delightful scene to witness. Projects like this offer such a great opportunity for children to find a better future through art. What a great example for an ‘art that does something’!

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  1. Beautiful portrait, Mimo, you’ve really caught the look! Adrian

  2. I love your Cambodia pictures!! Cambodia is such special place in the world…

  3. She really does very elegantly and convincingly! Nice pic 🙂

  4. I’m not sure what that project is (the link didn’t work), but I’ll bet you could sell those paintings to raise money for Cambodians in need.

  5. I just love her expression. what a fabulous project, art is so powerful across the world

  6. That look is priceless!

  7. if not an artist in the making, she may use art in her daily life to sharing her thoughts.

  8. A Well documented young telented artist. Taking her work seriously. Thanks for sharing Nonoy Manga

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