Day 17~ May 17th~ Cambodia

recording the past~ temple corridor~ Angkor Wat

I do have a passion about diving into the records of the past. The wealth of impressions in historical artifacts is too great to ignore, it is awe-inspiring, magnificent and a perfect playground for mystery dreaming.

Why did the ancients record important events so meticulously on reliefs, on temple walls, on pyramids, on tombs, on cave walls, on rocks, on cathedrals and on anything that seemed durable and fit to last a very long time. Did they have a significant message to pass on to future generations?  Was the information so important that they found it necessary to assign skilled artists to work on the recording of it for years and years?

And if this is the case, isn’t it frightening that whatever we have to say today, we are recording digitally and virtually? Wouldn’t it be disastrous if all modern digital media were to fail setting us back years with nothing to physical to hang on to? I mean if all the digital manuals were to be lost, how would we explain the design of an airplane, a computer or a microwave to a future generation?

Just some thoughts on a quiet Sunday morning in Shanghai…

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  1. Beautiful photograph.. I have shared this same thought with my coworkers recently, As you say so much of the things we purchase are now digitized. Music, movies, photographs, books to contracts we sign etc etc.. I always wonder what happens if something goes wrong..Hopefully we will never have to find out but it is a thought that I have from time to time..

  2. And another! You are right it is scary when you think about it.

  3. Great perspective and vanishing point. Nicely done.

  4. Hiya Mimo! What a great shot featuring the concept of “perspective” __distant view! Quote Mimo> “Wouldn’t it be disastrous if all modern digital media were to fail setting us back years with nothing to physical to hang on to?” It sure would be a tragedy and calamitous.

  5. Spectacular view. Thinking about that there are stories behind everything is amazing in itself. Whether it be society of the time that Shakespeare was responding to, the reasons for the images on this wall, to the simple dominoes in each of our lives .. simply wow!

  6. magic and fascinating picture and interesting thoughts

  7. Wow!.. I am almost speechless ( rare indeed for me !) perfectly captured..

  8. Hi,
    It is a very stunning temple, just magnificent.

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