Day 16~ April 16th~ Congo


Some images print themselves in our minds and on our hearts because they affect us beyond the surface of visual impression. They go deep, they etch a mark on our soul…

If you were to ask me what moment in my journey to Congo was the most haunting, I would say this one when I took this photograph. This child was one of the youngest in the center for demobilized child soldiers. He never spoke, he just stood there and let his eyes that stared without blinking, the scar on his chin and his cloud of melancholy speak for him. His gaze was steady, his look far but near, his mind unreadable. It was a child who spent far too much time in the playground of the lords of war and cruelty.

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  1. Very moving post. Adrian

  2. This is a stunning shot. His eyes, his expression… I wish I could find a way to soften his look on life.

  3. To me, his face looks older than it should be… Or maybe hardened — from all the unfortunate things he’s already experienced at such a young age. I despise seeing the innocent–the children–our future caught up in events they did not cause.

  4. I’ve made it a point with your congo shots to make sure I fully ‘see’ the shots before reading the copy….
    This portrait is really quite unnerving.
    Excellent photography.

  5. All the more poignant because he is wearing a teeshirt with a cartoon character with baseball and glove ( looks like that to me anyway) I don’t suppose this child has seen too much playing..

  6. What a beautiful capture. This is a very striking photo Mimo! It definitely speaks volumes which we cannot hear.

  7. Very moving….

  8. words fail, only pictures can speak sometimes

  9. Yes this is a very riveting photograph!! Those eyes have seen too much for his age!

  10. You can see his trauma. Really strong image.

  11. The intensity in the eyes are haunting … and not knowing any of the thoughts just adds to the experience – and all from someone wearing the innocence of a Fred Flintstone t-shirt.

  12. Such eyes, on a demobilized child soldier. It is almost too much. Photos can be a strong reminder of whats going on..

  13. Such as intense picture.

  14. Before I even read the first line of this post, that was almost my exact thought of the images you post. They are all so heartfelt and immediately draw a deep emotion. Thank you for sharing that with us.

  15. A strong emotion is all over his face. Thanks for sharing Nonoy Manga

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