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day 9~ April 9th~ Congo

hope in music

Childhood is the most sacred part of life. We as adults are entrusted with it to shield it, protect it and allow it its full potential…

And yet, in places like Congo, children are forcefully taken from their families by armed forces, sometimes as early as 7 years old, forced into military training, a life of crime, drugs, war and are shoved brutally into an ugly adulthood robbing them of their gift, their innocent childhood.

UNICEF and other NGOs have been actively struggling to save these children from the grips of war, offering them temporary sanctuary in an attempt to help them kickstart their childhood again and reunite with their families or other foster families in the Congolese society.

With arts, some of these children told me that they are able to escape into other places in their minds, places free of their memories of war, of killing, of brutality. They can dream of a normal life, of happiness and of recapturing the freedom that is an integral part of childhood.

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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Mimo, such a powerful image. I showed it to my husband, a guitarist and an advocate for guitar in education, and he was moved and curious as well. Thank you for sharing this, music has saved many souls at so many levels.

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This photo was very moving to me. I just could not stop looking at it. This beautiful boy and a guitar. “Hope in Music” in Congo.

A lot of emotional impact to this photo. It is beautiful, as is the child. Thank you for sharing this. ~tricia

This is my favorite photograph in the Congo series. I also realized that we have a lot in common…I blog about India-centric not for profit initiatives while you are passionate about projects like the children in Congo. Super!

Yes arts would be a great way to get away from the horror, and something that all children understand is music, a very thought provoking post, and a great photo as well.

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