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Day 7~ April 7th~ Congo

He wanted to see my camera

Another innocent face, another curious gaze, another little life that was forced to shift course because of tribal conflict.

In a region that has seen the loss of over 5 million people to genocide, poverty and conflict related casualties, this boy could be considered one of the lucky ones. He will receive medication, food, shelter and as much protection as the international agencies and NGOs can offer.

On we go with the story in Congo, thank you all so much for the kind comments you have been leaving. Today this site reached 50k views! Thank you also for your kind reward nominations which I have had so little time to respond to. Writing today while in transit in Los Angeles on the way back to Shanghai.  


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Hiya world-traveller-Mimo!! :-)Congrats on the view numbers. (thumbs up!)

Because of the grief, tragedy and calamity the child has witnessed, it’s my guess he is younger than he looks. Hard knocks and adverse circumstances can surely age some folks. Blessings on him and hopefully, he will experience peace, prosperity and happier days in the future __God willing!

It is very sad seeing these children, seems this little child was curious about the person behind the camera.
Congrats on your views, that is fantastic.

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