Day 29~ March 29th~ Egypt

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boys in abayas

As I come close to the end of this journey back into Egypt I have to carefully choose the last 3 images I want to share with you. Temples, artifacts, artwork, that can all be seen in books, on websites, it has all been recorded again and again, but the people of Egypt, the human element, this is what I value the most in my photos from that time.

The faces of these boys, dressed in their traditional abayas, as they stood there back in 1996, would never have looked the same again. The magic of street photography is in capturing a fleeting moment that is natural, spontaneous and cannot be replicated.

So yes, I will leave  you with people’s images in the last 3 posts perhaps to balance the imposing starkness and coldness of Egypt’s architecture and art.


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  1. the houses in the background made me sad as this land is remembered for ancient wonders, specially in architecture but it seems that people have moved back in time there

  2. Two facial expression, I like the drama. Thanks for sharing Nonoy Manga

  3. You are so right, it’s the PEOPLE that make places unique and interesting. The other things are great to see too, but nothing beats life. I love your words and images

  4. The people images are revealing and educational. Thanks Mimo.

  5. People count, not monuments. I love all your people shots. Each tells a story. Each is as unique as the people it shows are.

  6. and as ever Mimo you excel at people..

  7. one of the best of your Egypt shots!

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