Day 27~ March 27th~ Egypt

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step pyramid of Djoser~ Saqqara

If the pyramids were burial chambers, how come no bodies(mummies) were found in any of them in Egypt?

This impressive 6 mastaba pyramid is found inside the great courtyard of Saqqara near the city of Memphis in Egypt. Historians tell us that it was built around 2800 BC as a tomb for the Pharaoh Djoser whose Horus name was Netjerykhet, by his vizier Imhotep. This pyramid is the oldest known worked stone large structure in the world and used to be covered by smooth limestone like the later pyramids at Giza. Upon standing at the foot of these pyramids in Egypt, the idea of a tomb was quite far away from my mind…

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  1. I thought of cupcake toppings when I saw this! Sorry tombs, don’t mean to be rude 😉

  2. Interesting as I don’t recall seeing images of these before … and they predated the giant pyramids!

  3. I love this image. What a great photo.

    On a lighter note – do you remember a group from the 80’s called Devo? Remember the hats they wore? This reminds me of that. 🙂 Here’s a video link if you’re interested or don’t remember – 🙂 .

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