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Day 22~ March 22nd~ Egypt

Places of worship continue to vibrate with the intentions of the people who built them and those who used them to utter their prayers…

In the Egyptian desert, near Elephantine Island, is an abandoned coptic monastery that dates back to the 6th century. It is one of the biggest coptic monasteries in the world and it still stands despite a very long time of human abandonment. There are so many stories to be told by the stones of its old walls and by the dents from the many footsteps on its worn out floors. A place built with strong intentions, a gathering center for those who were seeking the solitude of the desert for their spiritual contemplations, a special place with tales to tell.

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Mimo, I like this picture very much – your use of the large amount of blackness in the top of the frame sets the lit areas off perfectly. And I very much agree with your thoughts about such places still vibrating with worshipers’ words, and with walls having many tales to tell. Adrian


I love all your pictures and the words that accompany them. They are source of information and inspiration.
Thanks for sharing your creativity and curiosity with us.

Well done!!!

– Som
Pune, India


I love all your pictures. They show your mind with curiosity and creativity. Thanks for sharing the captures and of course your thoughts\words that accompany the picture are source of great information and inspiration.

Well done!


Pune, India

I always feel a pang of sadness though that modern life is no longer compatible with these old gentle peaceful lifestyles, I mean for hundreds of years these buildings were treasured and peopled and now they are empty and cold. it is the same all over the world, the simple is scorned- run off. If you do not conform the sheer pressure of common man will render you obsolete and your lifestyle empties. And we all move on. but where did we move to and is it better now?.. Lovely work.. are these scanned negatives?.. c

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