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Day 18~ March 18th~ Egypt

avenue of the sphinxes~ Luxor

The most baffling thing about ancient history is the search for the real reasons as to why the ancients did what they did…

After being amazed, impressed and dazzled by a 7km avenue in Luxor lined perfectly with sphinxes, I had to ask myself the question: “why would they do that?” It seems far too precise to be a whim of an architect, or the egoistic wish of a king, too well planned to not have a greater purpose. I had a similar feeling walking in between the avenues of megalithic rocks in Carnac, France, where huge megalithic rocks were transported from far away places and placed in rows, tens of kilometers long at equal distances to form avenues across fields and valleys.

I am not really looking for answers as much as I am enjoying the search for them. The process of asking with all the awe and wonderment is what makes history so attractive, to mystery dream, to be lost in the search for truth…

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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That really is amazing, why did they do that? Being lost in the search for truth is the best place to get lost. If one really wants it with all their heart then they will find it. The sincerity one gives to find truth will move the heaven and the earth and it a path will be shown. This is the love of the universe trying to communicate to your heart. When we’re really sincere and humble we can hear it because that’s when our head gets out of the way. I enjoyed your blog and will visit again.

The Sphinxes are, IMO, one of the wonders of the world! As you noted, Mimo, why would they build these majestic monuments to line an avenue? Oh the mysteries of ancient Egypt! I wasn’t aware that such a statuesque “avenue” existed. Thanks Mimo, for sharing. 🙂

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