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Day 15~ March 15th~ Egypt

standing where they stood

They say that whatever you do while alive on this planet is printed in the astral light of it, in its archives, waiting to be tuned to and accessed…

I remember one time while working in Paris and on a quieter morning at the Louvre, standing in front of the Mona Lisa gazing at her and thinking, after the initial surprise at the small size of the painting (my head always liked to magnify it to larger proportions), that Da Vinci stood once in front of this painting and gazed at it, his beautiful work. That thought stayed with me and its simple truth amazed me every time I looked at works of art or remains of ancient history.

It was the same in Egypt, the echos of the creators of Egypt lingered on, haunting the visitor with questions and wonderings. How did they build it? What were they thinking while they carved these walls? What was the weather like? Who were they? How tall were they? Did they take meal breaks? How often? How long did it take to complete? And that always leads to the major question: “what was the purpose of it all?” The mystery in history, it never stops tugging at me.

photo: my friend Mark gazing at a temple wall in Dendera~ Egypt

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When looking upon a historical artefact I also must wonder if the one making it had a reflecting gaze to the future, wondering who might be looking upon it.

It’s a great contemplation Mimo, the ‘tug’ of the past and what would it want to say to us here now? We are the ones now who bear witness and carry these impressions. By promoting people to see more of the layers and ask and seek and be open… you facilitate much.

I love the photo and all you say here. I imagine the feeling one gets while standing in such a place and absorbing it all while imagining the events that created it. I’ll visit that place one day 🙂

It’s incredible, all that is required to unlock mysteries of ancient. Even if we can read what they wrote we would not know what they are saying without the efforts of historians, culture experts, archaeologists, etc.

Mimo, I felt that way when I was in Turkey. Not only by the statues in a museum in Ankara, but the ancient way of life still practiced outside of the cities. It is like being in the past and the present all at once, which you spoke to in your post.

Whether in the Roman Forum or Boston’s Freedom Trail, I get that feeling whenever I become in contact with significant history. Yet it is the ancient history had is so transforming. Thanks for the image and the thoughts.

A beautiful Temple, and a huge complex, of course once the capital of Upper Egypt. Isn’t it great to be able to explore these wonderful places. I certainly hope they are still standing for generations to come.

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