Day 9~ March 9th~ Egypt

Nubian woman in green scarf

We rode camels into the south of Egypt and there we met the Nubians.

Nubia, the desert region between southern Egypt and northern Sudan, along the Nile river and home of the Noba people, is where I met this beautiful woman. A stark contrast to the almost inhuman and eerie remains of ancient Egypt, the Nubians are full of gentle smiles, simple ways, and colorful surroundings. Most of the homes were painted in light blue and the faces radiated a glowing brown. Heirs of old kingdoms and a complex relationship with ancient Egypt, the Nubians have a great air of mystery around them and their ancient culture.

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  1. Lovely. I went to Egypt too and the Nubians were friendly, graceful and beautiful people

  2. Such a pretty face and smile.

  3. i imagine smiles and colors can carry one to a good life of happiness.

  4. Great portrait. You captured some wonderful color here. Really like the contrasts of her yellow and green against the bluish shadowed background. Well done.

  5. Hi,
    Such lovely bright clothing, it really stands out against the background, it’s good that there are bright colours available in that region, I would of never guessed that.

  6. I know it’s a generalisation but every shot of Nubians I’ve ever seen shows that they are a very beautiful looking race.. Lovely shot Mimo šŸ™‚

  7. What an incredible place to visit. So very foreign. A Frank Angle recommended your blog

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