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Day 24~ February 24th~ Lebanon

to walk with the clouds

A long time ago, before the camera and I were companions, I went back to Lebanon with a very good friend who loved to follow the unknown. We were near the top of one of Lebanon’s two mountain ranges when we spotted a phenomenon. On a bright and sunny day, a lone cloud on top of the mountain was dancing in circles as the wind spun it round and round and round again. My friend suggested we follow that cloud and so we did. After hiking to the top of that mountain where if you stretched your arm up high you can pass it through the spinning cloud, we met an old shepherd named “Abou Akram”. Β In his aging eyes we met the essence of kindess and her sister wisdom. He lived in a stone hut alone for 9 months of the year and tended to his goats and sheep comforted by the occasional visits from his wife who lived with the rest of his big family down in the valley. Abou Akram invited us to a cup of tea that he cooked on a small fire and he spoke to us of his life. He said he had read all that needed to be read, heard all the stories that needed to be told and ate all the delicacies that needed to be eaten. Now, he can only find his peace here on top of the mountain. He said people seek him out to ask him questions about their future, because you see, his mind became so clear that he could now see. “I am a seer” he said. When I looked around me and all I could see were hills, clouds, sky, grass and rocks, I asked the seer how he could bear being alone. He then looked at me with eyes overcome by tenderness and filled with tears and he said: “alone? I am never alone? Don’t you see him? Can’t you see God? He is in ground, in the air, in the sky, in the rocks, in the very air I breathe! Love is flooding my heart and I all I can be is thankful. With this kind of love you are simply never alone…”

no I am never alone

By ~mimo~

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Beauty is all around us, yet many of us get caught up in the busy nature of today’s life that we can’t see the beauty. Because we don’t see it, we determine beauty by its grandness (Grand Canyon, Amalfi Coast, Maldives) that is (in many ways) different than our typical life and surrounding. Two hundred years ago, long before thoughts of this shepherd’s time, others were saying the same about life then … thus, his thoughts are applicable throughout time.

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A beautiful story from Mimo who encounters a shepard in the Lebanese mountains who changed her life. This story shows that the beauty of truth is often laying in the pure, simple and unpretentious things. Enjoy this story! Babette

Aloha Mimo! Your photos are truly attention-grabbing__they’re thought provoking! I don’t know if your written piece was your own creation, or if it truly happened as an event in your life. Nevertheless, it was an enchanting account (word picture). I especially liked this line: “In his aging eyes we met the essence of kindess and her sister wisdom”. Yes, the creation declares the glory and majesty of the Creator-God. (10 thumbs up, Mimo) πŸ™‚

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I haven’t decided whether to do this sort of thing on my blog yet, new as it is, but I couldn’t help the temptation to try my hand at reblogging by posting this entry from a fellow blogger, whose photos are truly incredible and told a story in this that I felt speaks to me about a lot of what I’m doing at the moment. Really beautiful.

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