Day 13~ February 13th~ Lebanon

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I have been writing in this series about the wonderful history, the enchanting memories, the great mysteries that live in my home country, but it would be an incomplete story if I were to skip the part of history that has printed itself on my soul the most, the life changing part.

I will start the story at the end of it. I remember moving to New York after I finished my university studies and after arriving in the buzzing metropolis that I was unable to sleep, not because it was too noisy, but because it was too quiet. The last years I spent in my beautiful Lebanon were filled with noises of war, with the shrill cries of bullets, of bombs, and with the ugly smell of death. Experiences like these print deep in you, they do not just fade away, the are always there under the surface threatening to haunt you. My reaction to those memories and experiences is the same as all Lebanese people, you run away from it if you can (which I did), and you love life even more. I do love life more after living the long years of war, I value it so much more and every morning is a new burst of inspiration and a phoenix of a new and fresh start.

The Lebanese recent war started in 1975 and only ended in 1991.

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  1. You should commended for the good work you’re doing, young lady. You’ve made a positive impact on WordPress- and the world around you!

  2. Certainly a deep picture, Mimo – excellent! I like your style. Adrian

  3. You have made your country so real to all of us who visit here, so that beautiful Lebanon lives on in its own way. And your photo is beautifully evocative, sweet and a little sad. Thank you Mimo.

  4. Such a shame that I associate Lebanon and many other countries in that part of the world with conflict, your post reminds us there are real people mixed up in these events, and behind the headlines a country that could be beautiful.

  5. Wow, I’m liking this blog. Nice work!

  6. great post, great picture! Really good 🙂

  7. A pleasure to read and view

  8. I’ve stood at the border, but never been in.

    Amazing photo.

  9. And at a time with troubles in Syria, your experience echoes there. Thanks for sharing your story.

  10. A very thought provoking post and a great picture to accompany it.

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