Day Three Hundred Fifty, January 7, 2012

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the experiment

Flour, wax, sugar, salt, cotton, milk, talc and a few other unidentified items from around the house… these were the ingredients of Lea and her friend Emma’s experiment on the kitchen floor today. Part of the experiment I discovered later in the freezer and the other a couple of days later under Lea’s bed growing some little alien creatures!

Do you remember the days when you went around collecting things and mixing them up just to see what happens? I wonder if this is how recipes were first created? Take a child, a wild imagination, a keen curiosity and get ready for endless experiments, some very smelly and gross 🙂

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  1. I do remember those days. One time, I grabbed an empty soda bottle, some Pert Plus shampoo, and other various things from the bathroom to make “slime” — my mother was so mad!

  2. I can really see the curiosity! brilliant… and the colours are almost as playful as the event.

  3. Finding it in the freezer might be a little worrying. That seems to identify an intent to eat! In our freezer it would be a disaster, because we never label anything and rely on appearance to ID the food. I know that’s wrong, but we are just lazy.

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