Day Three Hundred Forty One, December 29, 2011

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all is quiet

The morning after a snowstorm, when all is still…

Is it the color white? The purity of the snow? The softness of the crystal blanket?

What is it that forces us into a humble silence and a deep state of contemplation?

Is it the fact that a new canvas is set and all the past is erased?

Is it the chance at a new beginning? New footsteps in the fresh snow?

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  1. beautiful snow scene – love the graffiti!

  2. Beautiful scene. Adrian

  3. Really like this one, nice mix of modern and traditional.

  4. Love it! Simple and beautiful.

  5. Love the graffiti. Beautiful and still.

  6. Wonderful picture! Looks like a 19th century print. But for the graffiti! Magic stuff!

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