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Day Two Hundred Seventeen, December 5, 2011

freckles and reflections

You can be walking down the street, inside of your little bubble of thoughts and contemplations, and suddenly a little child starts addressing you without any inhibition, as if they are picking up a conversation you were having just a moment before. Children have this great freedom about them, a fluidity, an openness and a matter of factness, that we as adults wish and long to possess. But for them, it is part of who they are, or the part they haven’t lost yet. This is one of the reasons I love photographing children so much, their essence comes right at you, into your lens, impressing itself on you. Is this what ‘being oneself’ all about?

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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…I definitely agree with you! they have ‘something’ that having grown up we lost it! for this reason I think that adults’ duty is to defend this their precious part! your snap is a perfect icon! cheers!

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