Day Two Hundred Seventy Seven, October 26, 2011


We are always moving, from place to place, from moment to moment, forever on a journey to somewhere. Some move fast, others slow and some believe that they are not moving at all, but they are. All things move. Even what we see as still, stationary, dead, that is also moving. Yes, even my cup of coffee near my mac is whizzing atΒ 107,000Β km/h around the sun as I type this. Motion, another mystery to dive into…

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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Motion for its not just a mystery, its believing as well, for we are moving but we don’t know where we are headed, but we like to believe our destination is a better. Great quote as well as picture, made me realize that we are always moving and we are not even taking the time to admire out surroundings, Thanks you!!!

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Awesome Post. The image you have is very inspiring and I would love to have this on canvas in my “inspiration room”. I love what you have written as there is great truth in the world is forever moving especially how to depict “Some move fast, others slow and some believe that they are not moving at all, but they are. All things move.” – Classic!

Congrats on freshly pressed. Thank you for sharing! πŸ˜‰
♥ EzzY ♥

Great photo, with a thought-provoking comment. What you said about your coffee, initially I thought, “No, it isn’t.” And then I thought, “Oh yeah, it is..” Wow.
I’ve written two blog posts on songs exploring the idea of direction or no direction, which you’re welcome to read if interested. The first looks at Fyfe Dangerfield’s Any Direction ( and the second looks at Absynthe Minded’s There Is Nothing (

I was having a conversation with a colleague photographer today (I’m a videomaker) about the different kinds of movements available in video — either camera movement or object/subject movement — and how movement enables the story-builder the time to build story. It’s hard to teach about story with still images, but we were talking about movement and potential movements in photography, and how they can create story, too. Story and movement and time are so intertwined in these image-centric mediums. We had a good twenty-minute conversation about movement in video/photography. I think I’ll send him this blog entry to read.

Great work. I love looking at great work. Thanks.

Yes, I know what you mean Ronnie with the trains. I get a sense of imbalance for a brief moment each time that happens. I also feel it on the plane in the runway before take off. Thanks for dropping by!

First off, photo is amazing. Second, I would love to muse over motion. Thinking about it gets me into big picture stuff. Like how motion is not always one thing moving from point A to point B. Electrons move spontaneously without a trace of what direction they came from. Get your brain to tap into a different kind of thinking. Try to wrap it around the big picture. Feels good.

Fantastic shot! I’m so intimidated to join or commit to any group doing a photo a day…but perhaps this will inspire me to do at least once a week. Fabulous other blog too & will check back. Best wishes

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