Day two Hundred Fourty Seven, September 26, 2011

to walk in the avenue of change

I was looking in a drawer the other day and I came across an old phone (the palm 650), I carried it in my hand and felt stunned at its weight, bulkiness and clumsy appearance. This was my dream phone only 2 years ago because it had a keyboard for writing emails. And I realized 3 phones later and several ‘i’ gadgets since, that the speed at which technology is developing is astounding. If we don’t stop to examine it, we can almost miss it. As soon as you get your mind wrapped around your new and unbelievably futuristic ipad, you feel uncool to be seen with it since the far cooler ipad 2 is now out!

It is a cause of so much concern actually to see what kind of world and at what staggering speed we are leading our children into their digital future. I wonder if someone was to to go to a desert island for a few years without any contact to the outside world and come back, what kind of impression will this fast changing world have on them and how will they cope?

photo taken: Lea walking over a Chinese character stencil on the street in Pudong

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I was born in 1960. College papers were written and worked in pen and paper, then typed on a typewriter (no word processor – you were lucky if the typewriter was electric, not mechanical). Cut & Paste was done with scissors and glue, and secondary-source research was done at libraries. Communicating with a person overseas took either time (snail-mail) or a fantastic amount of money – long distance phone calls could be prohibitively expensive. I am often struck by how different my perspective must be from a person born in, say, 1995.

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