Day Two Hundred Eighteen, August 28, 2011

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The direction of change

It has become forcefully clear that change is upon us. Hurricanes, volcanos, floods, global warming, waves of animal extinction, earthquakes, tsunami, revolutions, uprisings, new and strange weather trends and even down to people becoming unsettled and unable to cope emotionally with the fast onset of change.

But we live on a planet of duality and positive changes are certain to accompany the negative an the threatening. But as all things fine, a human development change will be more difficult to detect, to know where it is coming from, to tune into, to be with and to grow and evolve with.

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  1. Thanks for using the time and effort to write something so interesting.

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  2. very cool shoot

  3. I really like this photo. It has an element of drama to it, and goes very well with your words.

  4. What ever happens keep up the B&W – thanks

  5. well about the only thing we CAN depend on is change.. and that universal yin and yang is at work.. c

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