Day One Hundred Ninety Seven, August 7, 2011

the insect tamer

Every once in a while you meet a child who is so attracted and attractive to the little people of the planet that they are seen constantly surrounded by little critters. Lexi is such a child. He loves to observe and be around anything that crawls, flies, swims, slithers… anything that is moving really. He is the child the dragonfly chooses to land on and linger, and the one that the little baby lizard likes be with and who plots to take one of the Gibraltar apes back home in the car!

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  1. that’s great! there needs to be a lot more young people like him.

  2. ummm this photo is not good…..It’s brilliant.

  3. An astonishing portrait!!! This is one for the ages. You really have an uncanny talent for photographing children, you always have. Breathtaking one.

  4. Excellent Photo !

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