Day One Hundred Ninety Six, August 6, 2011

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Where to next?

196 days ago I started this 365 journey with photography and it has been a very intense one. The commitment, the daily dedicated focus on photography, the self inspection, the writing, the editing, the extra weight of the camera on my shoulder, the long hours spent behind a computer screen…

And it has all been worth it. What a boot camp training of skill and what a wonderful detection tour of the world around me. But on some days like today, it begs the question : where to next?

photo: self portrait in a mirrored room, Southern Spain.

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  1. I love it – great self portrait… YES!!! It is all worth it. I love seeing your work and if you are like me, it keeps you shooting and always looking.

  2. Thank you – you put really a lot into this blog.
    Looking at everything from many angles.

  3. Unexpected angle and unique lighting, I like it!

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