Day One Hundred Forty Nine, June 20, 2011

the sun is back!

It is amazing the amount of influence the sun has on our emotions. Everything glows in the sun, the water twinkles, the trees are brighter, the flowers are more colorful and the faces of people are painted with smiles. And it makes sense. It is a huge burning star that supports us, that gives us warmth, light, a sense of security when we know that no matter what, it will be coming around every day like a clock. And when the clouds hide our view of it, we are clouded by a sense of melancholy until the great fireball comes back and burns the blankets of gloom away. Today the sun was shining after too many days of constant rain in Shanghai, so we all smiled 🙂

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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Nice blog.
I find it interesting not only that the sun makes a huge difference, but as the bokeh in this image proves, what we focus on makes a huge difference.
Speaking metaphorically, we “focus” on vastly different things as humans — just as you and I focus on vastly different objects in our images. And where it is that we put our attention drives how we, and our images are received.


I hate this weather and so do the kids….nagging and whining in the morning…and I thought only adults can be metereo-sensitive.

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