Day One Hundred Nine, May 11, 2011

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Urumqi to Kashgar

Today was a day of planes, airports, cars and more airports. I traveled over flatlands, grasslands, rivers, snow capped mountains, deserts and finally arrived at night in Kashgar after a few hours break in Urumqi. The first odd thing you meet in this place is that the locals, 70% Uyghur and other minorities, follow their own time zone, while all official clocks are set to Beijing time. So at any moment you have to be aware if a person is speaking to you about local time (which is 2 hours earlier) or official time. The languages spoken are not dialects of Chinese, they are completely different language and written in arabic letters. Exploring starts after a short night’s sleep..

over deserts and snowy mountains

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  1. Great photos! How interesting that people follow their own time zone! Do think I could get away with that reasoning when I’m late for work?!

  2. Can’t wait to hear of your forthcoming adventures! Love the plane shots.

  3. Wow! AStonishing airplane photos—feels like being on another planet. And what an enticing start to your journey…

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