Day Forty Six, March 9, 2011


time-out...we all need one


There are days when I catch myself running at a pace that is way too fast, faster than I can handle; too many projects, too many commitments, too many intentions than I am able to realize, and I think I wish I could take timeout! I feel like just pressing a ‘pause’ button on everything like in those movies where everyone in the street just freezes, just long enough for me to put my feet up with cup of tea and a book.

There is no one better at teaching us timeout than the Chinese. They can just drop everything and take timeout, in the street, on a bike, on a train, on a pavement… wherever they are, they can just stop!

The photo below if from yesterday of a man who was resting on his bike full of bottles in the middle of the wide street, just because it was what he needed right then. Much to learn!


taking a break



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