Day Twenty Eight, February 19, 2011

homeless in Shanghai

Can you imagine being all alone and homeless in a city of 20 million?

Can you imagine having to live on discarded scraps?

Can you imagine survival being your only obsession?

unable to look the other way today…

6 thoughts on “Day Twenty Eight, February 19, 2011

    1. Before christmas i went to visit a home for children who have no parents. It was a very cold day, we had snow outside and it was still snowing. I saw the kids playing outside wearing sandals with socks, no gloves and no caps. I was freezing in my down jacket and my nice and warm leather boots. That made me feel so sad – the truth is – there is poorness all over the world and sometimes it is right around the corner 😦


  1. That’s heartbreaking! So sad … I think we can’t imagine how hard his life must be – especially in China! Very expressive picture!!!


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