Day one, January 23, 2011

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365#1: a girl, a glass and a dream

On the first day that I started this project, we were invited to a Chinese wedding in Shanghai. As Chinese weddings go, this was a typical one, with lots of food, an early 5 PM start, a fancy hotel ball room, the bride changing dresses 3 times, the ‘hongbao’ or red envelope that guest are expected to gift the young couple with outrageous amounts of cash and loud jarring speeches and games lead by a professional MC.

It was a heaven for a photographer but what caught me the most was this girl, who was the cousin of the bride. She was glowing in her white fur cape, styled hair and made up face. She looked dreamy.

So this photo of her was my choice for the start of the project.

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  1. I wanted to see what was your day one with this project
    Nice photo
    Thanks for liking my post The 4-Hour Work Week

  2. Now, that I’ve made my way backwards, to day one, I’d like to take the opportunity to say “Thank you, Mimo!”. It’s been a great journey, and I’m looking forward to the upcoming 51 photos on the the other end.

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