First love: It is the one that haunts us till the end.

It is always most powerful the first time. The first time we feel our hearts racing and fluttering, the first time we feel our breath shortening and escaping us, the first time we feel that a look can lift us off the ground and the first time we feel haunted day and night with thoughts of our love and with their presence inside of our skin at all moment of our waking and sleeping. It is powerful, passionate, wonderful, unreasonable and it scars us for life.

Egypt, 1996 is where I fell in love with photography. I had just gotten my first Pentax manual camera while living in New York (that is a whole other story), learned the basics very quickly, went to B&H photo when is still was downtown on 18th street and bought 35 rolls of film and slide film. Off I went to Egypt on the most memorable trip of my life. And like a first love this trip still lives in me and beckons me to go back and revisit it. We have to meet again.

We will…

a boy selling trinkets in Egypt, January 1996

girls baking and selling bread near Luxor, Egypt, 1996

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  1. Wow! Indeed one great first love you had! Your photos are really beautiful.. It makes me wanna learn “real” photography now! I have a dslr but I don’t know how to use it… I always set it in auto mode 🙁 You inspire me to know photography even more…

  2. My pleasure. Let me know when youre planning a visit and I can give you a “behind the scenes” tour of B&H Photo.


  3. Dear Hershel,
    Thank you for visiting! B&H is and has always been synonymous with photography for me. I will check out your new blog.
    See you next time I am in New York.

  4. Mimo,

    Thank you for your kind mention of B&H Photo. On behalf of all of us at B&H Photo, please accept our warm thanks and deep gratitude for your patronage. We look forward to earning your trust and continued business for many years to come. I invite you and your readers to check out our new informative and entertaining blog at

    Hershel K. Waldner
    Online Marketing Department
    B&H Photo-Video-Audio
    212-239-7500 ext. 2893

  5. Love to the Pentax, especially in your able hands x.

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