Nesting time~

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Varanasi~ India

It feels like the right time to pick up my blog again after a two months process of preparing a new Home in yet another country. A friend told me “it feels like you are nesting “ and yes it does indeed. Everything in me went internal, long working days to make our new house into a home, meditative early mornings, new thought processes and watching with great interest where my new art process with photography plans to take me. Ecology plays a huge part in one’s growth I am discovering and what a subtle and intense process it can be!

Image take a a few months back on the banks of the Ganges river, when I watched a bird patiently collect hay for a nest she was building. In the background was the burning ghat where daily 300 bodies get cremated marking the end of one life and the start of another in a better place…

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  1. What an amazing picture related to your new life right now building your nest in Germany. I forgot what city you are living in. Wish you the best nestling in and stretching your wings for great photo opportunities. Guten Morgen.

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