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A Time Meditation~ Ireland

gap of dunloe at sunrise~-16gap of dunloe at sunrise~-5gap of dunloe at sunrise~-3sunrise at Ross Castle~-17

Ireland is one of those places on earth where time plays by its own rules. It can not be confined to any human rules and it waxes and wanes as it sees fit. As soon as I set foot on this magical emerald Isle, my wonders about time, space, movement and change began brewing. It took me to untapped corners of my mind where life borders on the magical. From that I wondered about photography, the movement we capture, the change we try to portray as artists and the power inside the image when time can be portrayed.

If you have never been to Ireland, I just have one word to say:


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That is also what I tell everyone about my experience in Ireland. I always wanted to go and I finally did it this summer … I loved it. The time really plays by it own rules and it is one of those places that suck you in and won’t let you go again.

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